Microsoft Announces Guest Access to Groups

When Microsoft launched its task planning solution this year, it had the potential to be a great asset and add-on to the Office 365 packages for businesses. But the excitement quickly ended when you realized that the entire solution used Microsoft Office 365 Groups to manage your task boards. While it was a great tool for use within your organization, the tool could not be used with anyone outside your organization because you could not add external contacts or users to Office 365 groups. Microsoft Announced on September 8th, that this will now be possible.

Taken from the Microsoft Announcement, “We are rolling out guest access functionality in phases. Starting today, group owners can add guests to a group in Outlook on the web. Once added, guests receive a welcome email, are granted access to group files in SharePoint Online, begin receiving email messages and calendar invites sent to the group, and can access the group in Office on the web and the Outlook Groups mobile application. They also have automatic access to cloud-based file attachments. Guests have the option to leave the group at any time and visual indicators remind all members of guest participation in the group across all Outlook experiences.”

While the ability to add guests shows up in the Microsoft Office 365 Portal, when trying to add an external guest still gives the error that the user must be inside the organization, it will be an invaluable ability once completed.

Original Microsoft Announcement – [Click Here]

The work planner tool is a great solution, easy to use, very similar in functionality and feel to tools currently on the market like Trello. But unlike other tools, Microsoft Planner offers out of the box integration with Office 365 and your organizations email.

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